You're a calm and dependable person who prefers to take a relaxed and a slower paced approach toward work and life in general.

You are good at sticking to routines and building habits which is brilliant because when it comes to looking after your health and wellness, consistency is the key.

Although you are sociable and happy to listen and support others when they are going through problems, you tend to keep your feelings to yourself.


Here's a little more info about the Smooth Operator wellness personality

1. It is all about you. Rather than doing things to please other people, give yourself permission to think about what you need, it may be time to incorporate more of the things that bring you joy into your life.

2 Although you may not be used to sharing your feelings, hiding how you feel can cause stress to build up and can affect your mental health. Perhaps try creating deeper more meaningful connections with people in your life, or alternatively, you may like to create a regular journaling practice.

3. If making time for regular self-care feels like a struggle, wellness practices could be what you're looking for. These simple practices incorporate actions and behaviours to nurture your health and wellness without the need to change up your normal routine.

To help get you started, I've created a short introductory video for you. Take a look at the Combined wellness video and download your guide below.

My top tips for Smooth Operators to help boost your health and wellbeing...

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