My near death experience gave me a wake up call I needed to change the way I live my life.

Before my medical emergency I was existing as most of us do, living day to day, working, looking after the house and children. Even though I had everything I needed I wasn't really at peace or really 100 % content in myself.

It took a huge wake up call for me realise each and every day of life matters and that through the choices we make we create the life we experience.

Now, I work with people just like you who want to feel happy and satisfied with how they are looking after themselves and to feel the peace that comes with knowing making the most out of life.

Strong foundation

This is the perfect class for beginners and those who are regular exercisers. Often overlooked, our core and pelvic floor require focused exercises that isolate and safely challenge the muscles that form the foundation required for our daily movement.

In this 45 minute class I will teach you how to locate, activate and safely strengthen the muscles of the core and pelvic floor. Rest assured, there will not be a sit-up in sight!

Class cost £70 for a block of 6 classes.

Class format:

I aim to create the opportunity for an all round/ holistic wellness experience for each my clients which is why each of my classes begin with an optional pre-class 10 minute and 20 minute post class group catch-up with refreshments giving you the opportunity to connect with me to get health related help and advise and meet other women in the local area.

Strong & flexible

This 60 minute class is perfect for beginners and those who are intermediate level exercisers. This class uses a combination of yoga, Pilates and functional bodyweight and aided resistance exercises to build muscle strength and mobilise the joints that tend to get stiff as we get into and beyond our 30's.

The aim of this class is to enable you able to move well and to prevent and protect you from injury so you can live life and enjoy it to it's fullest. To get the most out of this class I provide you with an activity sheet so you can identify beneficial strength and mobility exercises to incorporate at home in your own time if you choose to.

Class cost £80 for a block of 6 classes.

Restore, relax & unwind 3 week program

This class creates a peaceful environment to help you to unwind, relax and retreat from day to day life.

This program is a real gem. It offers a unique blend of teaching, self-reflection, real-time relaxation and intention setting to help you to prevent, manage and reduce stress in your daily life.

Each class starts with an opportunity to connect with other group members before settling in to privately identify, reflect and let go of whatever has been on your mind throughout the week. By exploring a variety of relaxation techniques in the class you will be empowered to create your own wellbeing practice to help you at home.

Introductory program cost £55

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Workshops & classes
Workshops & classes

Join me in my women's wellness hub as together we develop and nurture strength and resilience for our bodies and minds.

I know that when you're busy working and looking after your family what you need to feel at your best can slip down the to-do list.

But here’s the good news… with only a few small, consistent actions you can easily improve the way you feel, quickly enhance your wellbeing and make substantial progress toward living an easier, more enjoyable life.

Whether you have tried on your own but have struggled to make and maintain your progress or you want to feel better physically, emotionally or mentally and you're not sure where to start, I'm here for you.

Get the support you need to make a positive difference in your life

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What coaching can do for you

By using skills gained from my personal training background, professional coaching qualification and lived experience of successfully managing a significantly stressful health problem I have the skills to help you discover how you can implement lifestyle changes to

  • Reduce stress

  • Create a more balanced life

  • Build healthier habits (including weight loss and improved fitness).

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Improve your overall health

  • Experience greater inner-peace and enjoy your life more

Here's what my clients say

"I worked with Becky to tackle some personal challenges, and she was such a huge help. Becky encouraged me to set clear and manageable goals that I felt inspired to achieve.

With Becky's guidance, things that seemed confusing became clear; she has a special way of making things appear simplistic when your own mind tends to want to complicate it.

If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I highly recommend her."

-Jessica W.

"Becky’s coaching has a significant impact for me personally and professionally. Becky encourages me to be goal focused, specific, setting milestones for movement and accomplishment towards my overall objectives.

Becky’s coaching has enabled me to challenge self limiting beliefs and enabled me to shift perspective and also reach goals and objectives in both my business and personal life."

- Briony L.

"Becky went above and beyond to ensure I felt supported and empowered throughout my journey. Her unwavering commitment is truly inspiring, and her genuine care and compassion created a safe and trusting environment, allowing me to explore my challenges with confidence.

I am happy to say that Becky is one of the very few people I worked with throughout my life, that truly helped me tap into the depths of what was holding me back.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Rebecca I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach. Her professionalism, deep understanding of human nature, genuine care, and endless support make her a truly exceptional coach."

-Andrada M.

"I reached out to Becky as I sensed real frustration in myself that I was juggling lots of balls, both in my personal and work life. I felt like I was always leaving my physical wellbeing at the bottom of my never-ending list. Instead, I wanted that 'wellness glow'!

By exploring my values and feelings, I learnt so much about myself and from here, Becky supported me as we explored the way I spoke to myself, and how I could be much kinder to myself. I'm now in a much more resourceful space, which genuinely makes me feel lighter and able to honour myself in a healthier way.

Working with Becky has been a real blessing – she is an assertive, thoughtful, tuned-in professional coach who offers lots of opportunities for transformative thinking in a safe space."

-Lorna C.

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On 11 March 2023, I found myself on the brink of life and death. Amidst the chaos, my mind raced through all of the knowledge I still had to share, the lessons I still had to teach, the love and pride I needed to share with my family, I had so much left to give.

My life was changed forever in the days that followed after a Doctor stated five short words: 'You have two brain tumours.'

Find out more about me, my story of resilience and how I learned to use mental strength and emotional intelligence to navigate my health challenge.

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