Set in the wellness hub in the heart of the gorgeous countryside in Ardleigh, just outside Colchester, each class offers a chance to connect with other women, also to reconnect with you are and what you need to support yourself in whatever stage of life you're in.

Every chapter of a woman's life presents unique physical, mental and emotional needs and challenges. I see each stage as an opportunity to transform, a time to make the most out of new opportunities to embrace change and to step into the new version of yourself.

My classes are set in a welcoming, friendly environment and designed for women just like you to help you make the most out of your life.

With small classes (no more than 6 per class) I am able to work closely with you, listening to your needs and adapting exercises and techniques to work for you.

With over 8 years of working with women as a Personal Trainer and more recently as a Wellness coach I am skilled at working based on adapting activities and exercises to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Take a look at the classes currently running at the Women's Wellness hub.

In-person wellness to help you to nurture and develop your mental emotional and physical health.

Classes & workshops at the Women's Wellness hub

Strong foundation

This is the perfect class for beginners and those who are regular exercisers. Often overlooked, our core and pelvic floor require focused exercises that isolate and safely challenge the muscles that form the foundation required for our daily movement.

In this 45 minute class I will teach you how to locate, activate and safely strengthen the muscles of the core and pelvic floor. Rest assured, there will not be a sit-up in sight!

Class cost £70 for a block of 6 classes.

Class format:

I aim to create the opportunity for an all round/ holistic wellness experience for each my clients which is why each of my classes begin with an optional pre-class 10 minute and 20 minute post class group catch-up with refreshments giving you the opportunity to connect with me to get health related help and advise and meet other women in the local area.

Class options:

Strong & flexible

This 60 minute class is perfect for beginners and those who are intermediate level exercisers. This class uses a combination of yoga, Pilates and functional bodyweight and aided resistance exercises to build muscle strength and mobilise the joints that tend to get stiff as we get into and beyond our 30's.

The aim of this class is to enable you able to move well and to prevent and protect you from injury so you can live life and enjoy it to it's fullest. To get the most out of this class I provide you with an activity sheet so you can identify beneficial strength and mobility exercises to incorporate at home in your own time if you choose to.

Class cost £80 for a block of 6 classes.

Restore, relax & unwind 3 week program

This class creates a peaceful environment to help you to unwind, relax and retreat from day to day life.

This program is a real gem. It offers a unique blend of teaching, self-reflection, real-time relaxation and intention setting to help you to prevent, manage and reduce stress in your daily life.

Each class starts with an opportunity to connect with other group members before settling in to privately identify, reflect and let go of whatever has been on your mind throughout the week. By exploring a variety of relaxation techniques in the class you will be empowered to create your own wellbeing practice to help you at home.

Introductory program cost £55

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