You're organised, creative and independent and you like to be well informed before you make decisions. You prefer to use a logical approach to create plans to achieve what you want in life.

Routines help you to feel comfortable, more in control and bring a sense of stability to your life. You most likely already have healthy habits in place, which is excellent news because habits create the consistent approach needed to support health and wellness.

To other people, you may at times appear unsociable or a little detached but it’s only because you prefer to do things your own way and try not to let anything get in the way of moving forward.


Here's a little more info about the Champion wellness personality

1. Consider your health and wellness needs from a more holistic point of view, your mental, emotional and physical health interlink and affect the quality of your life. To understand how you can take steps toward better health and wellness, try using an intuitive approach. Ask yourself what you need for all three areas and consider what will help you to experience better all-round health and wellness.

2. Research shows that good-quality friendships can make you happier and even physically healthier and more fulfilled, which in turn can reduce stress. Although you may not be used to sharing your feelings, hiding how you feel can cause stress to build up and can affect your mental health. Perhaps try creating deeper more meaningful connections with people in your life, or alternatively, you may like to create a regular journaling practice.

3. If you find that a busy mind gets in the way of enjoying life or causes you stress, try incorporating regular stress relief techniques, they can help you to stop thought patterns and allow you to be more present to enjoy the moments that matter.

Holistic wellbeing would be a great place to start, to help you out I've created an introductory video and downloadable reflective questions for you below.

My top 3 tips for Champions to help boost your health and wellbeing...

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